Landscape Architecture

From residential landscapes, commercial design, urban plazas, and streetscapes, our process is aimed at providing unique, sustainable environments, which complement the surrounding architecture. Stressing native, low maintenance plantings alongside innovative hardscapes and lighting, our design style can vary from english garden to modern minimalism.

Site Planning

Whether you’re an investor looking to see how a site can be fully developed, or a owner looking to create a new development, our background in planning for Retail, Hospitality, Residential and Campuses allows for quick study layouts and comparisons proceeding to full development plans to create one of a kind, vibrant spaces. Focusing on scale, views, and vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow, we aim at providing solutions for even the toughest sites.


With more than a decade of experience in digital illustration, LG Workshop utilizes the latest software to provide architectural renderings, marketing graphics, and illustrations. Whether you need graphics for Site plan approval, Community Involvement or Marketing, our quick turnarounds and focus on detail and composition let our images stand out and do the explaining for you.

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Verona High School, Wisconsin
Use the site you have. Conditions which may seem restrictive may become the driving design element.
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Various Retail
Every project small or large should receive the same attention to detail and design to make it stand on it's own.
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Sunset Ridge School
Show off the space before you've broken ground

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The benefits of native landscape species are numerous. From lower maintenance to better ecosystems for wildlife, native species provide advantages in the modern landscape.

We specialize in making your ideas a reality.

From drawing board to installation, we specialize in a process which focuses on originality, efficiency and accuracy. This process utilizes our clients goals and budget to create unique and special places.

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